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Smoochie Poochie Dog Grooming

"Let your KIDS (pet) be part of our family" . 

            480 984-12.  12 or  602 245 4418


 Hi my name is Falkor my Grandma Debb owns Smoochie Poochie and my Dad Todd works there also   I help run the place and let people know what is new here!


I would like to start with this:

*To all my Canine buddies who are struggling or out of work we want to help!I am  booking apts on Tuesday's, Wendsdays and Thursday's from 6pm threw 8pm. My Grandma Debb is offering her services for free , no charge ! For anyone that has fallen into hard times - its not your fault so don't put off what you need . Let us give back to the people who made us who we are today!( My Grandma Debb put me in another time out so let's make her work!) Ps tell her Barney sent you and that I, Falkor, had nothing to do with this ! She feeds me sometimes.. ...

With Halloween just around the corner, getting into the

"spirit " of things let's start a new contest!

The dog that doesn't need a costume contest !

 Post your beauty challenged pup on our 

Facebook page or if you don't have one vote by liking your favorite.

The one with the most likes wins a free 

"super groom make - over " at Smoochie Poochie!